The Sew-Called Life.

Sweater : Radioactive

Blouse : Gary

High Waisted Skirt : Old Blossom Box

Pumps : NOSE

Scarf : Tie Rack

Blouse : Trifted

Skinny : Zara

Silver Shoe : Astaka

Ear Ring : Singapore

It's scientifically proven that laughter is healthy and helps us live longer.
So take a few minutes every day and have a giggle. One way to do it: keep a few photos on hand that always crack you up.
You know, the ones of your dog smiling or your kid with birthday cake all over his face. Pull them out whenever you need a laugh break.


FaFaFa said...

omg anak siapakah ituuuuuu


Ria Naz said...

oh kay zie.
sumpit tht grey studded nose pumps tuh i nk beli.
its still on reserve kt sunway.
nnt kite pakai same2 k!