Car shape bag, dinner at Nando's.

NEW Chains sling bag from TOPSHOP!
all hard works paid off <3>

and guess what, just now mse tgh beratur nk bli movie tickets, suddenly this one girl from this one company came to us and ask do you want free tickets? then i was like hmmm bole caye ke ni? they are giving away free movie tickets because they are having some promotion whatsoever. the show was 2012 at 5.30pm. and the clock shows 5.29pm. so we rushed to the theather. siap dpt coupons for popcorn and coke. what a luck! save budget ok. the movie was SUPERB! mlangnye kiamat nnt xde happy ending mcm tu.


A A D said...

x aciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~

Nazima said...

nasib bdn :D