Garsiv, I'm in love.

I love Garsiv in this movie, and Gemma look better in Clash of the Titans.

Eat fruits everyday kids :D

Si Cantik & Si Manja.

We thought of eating this in the cinema, but we forgot, until Bad remind me after the show, 'Eh muffin kite?' the muffin was in Azi's bag. Azi went to his car and bad and me went to mine. I have to shout Azi's name to get the muffin back. huhu.

Celebrating Nizang's birthday at Rasta.

the cake was baked by his fiancee, & it was delicious!~ gemuk la Ding pasni. btw, the villain in Prince of Persia is named Nizam.

Mi Pataya @ Abe, Section 7.

Ini budak sudah besar & pandai.

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