Currently reading this, yes I know I am very late or lame maybe? Actually this is my sister's book, siap ada cop nama kot kt first page buku ni. cop tu tulis sabrina abdullah all in capital letters & purple ink. Tibe2 teramik buku ni kt Tmn Tun last week, because lately I'm bored. Bored sitting at the office/showroom doing nothing other than internet and a 'little' work, and one more reason to read is because my friend bought me a bookmark from Terengganu right on time. hohoho but actually, I want to improve my english because thesis is coming crawling to my life soon! yikes!~

Today is my last internship day. Finally. it is supposed to end on 10th of july. but my dear friend here with the name Azizol wanted the day off tommorow, since it is Saturday. hoho. so let's go 'traveling' tommorow. Tonight will be a farewell party. Boss belanje, yeah!

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