5 Fashion Switch-Ups for 2011.

1. Ditch The Black Bag—We love a great basic as much as anyone, but this winter, we're breaking out of our rut and switching mom's classic black tote for something a whole lot juicier. Even on a frigid overcast day, you can't NOT smile when you grab any of these bright bags.

2. Make Blush Your Go-To Makeup—After so many seasons of bold lips and eyes, we're turning our makeup routine over to bright and rosy blush. Not only does an extra flush of pink or peach brighten up the whole face, it's a quick and easy way to wake up your makeup look without a million steps.

3. Swap Out Your Statement Necklace For Some Big-Ass Earrings—Again, don't be discarding all your gorgeously gargantuan baubles. Instead, pack up the bulk of them and make room for a pair of two of statement earrings (tip: Scour ebay for some great, affordable vintage rhinestone earrings or even borrow your mom's old '70s hoops). With the season's clean, low bun, there's nothing more glamorous (and simple!).

4. Trade In Your Skinnies—Don't get us wrong, we're not exactly discarding our favorite skinny jeans, but with so many new high-waisted, wide-leg styles coming on the scene for spring, we're feeling altogether longer and leaner already. Because really exaggerated flares don't look great on smaller women, stick to the modified '70s look that's narrow at the waist with a clean straight leg. And heels are an absolute must.

5. Get A Muse-Worthy Haircut—We've been obsessed with It-Model du jour, Arizona Muse, and her versatile '40s bob seems like the freshest cut going for spring. It's a lot of look to pull off, but this year, there's no hiding on the sidelines. If you're ready to make a big hair change...there's no better time than the present.


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