Big Girl Already.

As we all know my birthday was on last 15th August. Last Friday, hasanah, munirah, dous and me drove to KL. why we went to KL? you know raya is around the corner, so its SHOPPING time. huhuhu...went to One Utama as always and met Aida Aris and some more malaysian celebrities. they had this raya recording there. Sazzy Falak was also there and she is gorgeous, but i did not manage to snap picture with her because she is busy with the press.
For breaking our fast, Dous decided to go to TGIF, in conjunction with my belated birthday celebration too. we ordered some brownies but i guess the waiter didn't hear/write them down, so am a bit sad. but never mind because you know after breaking our fast we will be extra full right? so i think i have no room at all for the brownies, luckily the brownies did not arrived at our table.

*free salad & soup*

Later we went to waffle world to have some dessert. banana split! yummy.

So what did dous bought to me for my birthday? stay tuned at this channel girls and some boys...

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