Hello beloved readers, how are you today? how productive is your day? have you smiled today? right now i want to update about my life. oh about aidilfitri pon x blog lg. Later2 la. i have other thing im more excited about. So, what ive been doing lately? ok let me tell you, Alhamdulillah, now i work with the famous fashion designer Melinda Looi! dunno her? go google la if ur interested. if not ignore je. Bru 2 days working with her and the team. 1st day not doing much just reading the contract and handbook. Studied all the previous pret a porter collection because ill be designing the next collection which will be selling at Parkson, Pavillion, KL. wish me luck everyone! 2nd day, not much too, just illustrating some uniform for this shooping mall uniform at Johor Bahru. and also do some beadings. Rasenye beading tu perkara wajib kt mne2 boutique eh? that's all for now. bru 2 hari kerja. nothing much to tell pon. oh yeah smlm i watched Smurf with Hasanah and Azwa but i slept in the middle of the movie because i've headache and my eyes can't open anymore! help! really want to watch the Smurf again. i think i just Smurfed!


Filzah said...


Anonymous said...

wow zie..! congrat!


~Nur Zulaiha~ said...

wahh!! conglz zie, dpt kja bgus,, gook luck utk kje bru =)

Hello. said...

tqvm all. love you.