Birthday party.

blouse: Chala, jegging: brands outlet, sandal: Cotton on.

went to farenheit88 for the sale and stomp across this zara window display. bard told me the other day that this reminds him of my sketches! haha. true! my sketches were like the middle one. the hand to be exactly. haha! Fuuuunnnyyyyy.

then went to Zaheera's 4th birthday party. she is the same age with Ghazi. miss him so much la! :(
birthday girl and the mermaid cake

Mujahid and Zaheera.

so sweet of mujahid to help zaheera blow the candle. after everyone finish with the picture, he even 'help' to cut the cake! hahaaaa...the grandmother said "shame-shame laaaa mujahid..."

goodie bags. weehhheeeee...only for kids ok.

angry birds di mana2. laku/famous mcm mne ntah angry birds ni. its just a stupid game but still...right?

the present from me and hasanah. cute eh? hope it fits her perfectly. the person selling this said the cutting is smaller so she told us to buy older sizes.



Ahmad Nizamuddin Abdullah said...

rina dapat goodie bag

Hello. said...

Aku n adik pn dpt actually...