Mad Hatters.

Dear Nazima, today you went to Mad Hatters Night of Fashion at Pavillion. Thanks to Qmal for inviting. I tagged along my best friend ever, pretty Maryam together there. Had the most fun moment when I'm with her. We discuss about everything, yes, everything. It was her urge that Nxeemary is born. Thanks Maryam! She is the one that really want to start this 'project'. Without her, I don't think i will start creating all those bib necklaces. :D

Siti Maryam with her NEW boyfriend.

Nxeemary statement bib necklace.

We went to food republic, I want to eat the carrot cake but the person said "da abis la dik" :( Sad me...so then we decided to eat Teppanyaki. Maryam ate salmon and chicken breast was mine. yummy :9

Yes ini mullet dress same dengan post yang bawah ini, huuu...

together forever <3


qmal said...

tq datang!!!! huhuhu..:)

Hello. said...

welcome :)