1st ever blog.

My good friends in Uitm Malacca. Kuwe Puhang Getah Yna Me & Aida. We're at Redang for a research trip(konon). Im wearing Little Miss Lucky t-shirt bought at Sg Wang shj.

Green dress bought ar Sg Wang too. Next to me is Aida n her "boyfriend" PAPA.

Graphic's Sport Carnival. Red team have to wear our own devil's tanduk. Mine have a ribbon cute eh?

The dinner after the sport day. Devil's win finally! heee. . .

Doing assignment. Im interviewing Bee from Phobiaklik(graffiti company). fedora bought at Uptown. Radioactive vest. Applemints shirt.

My boy classmates had a football match. I went to see them. Wearing PADINI maroon shirt. pink selendang bought at trg.

Pavillion, shirt from Plastic, Momoe Bag, purple Voir corduroy pants, PDI white sandals, beret from Sg Wang.

THE GARDENS, Seed sleeveless long sleeve bought at Reject shops (=

Green dress from Forever 21. This is FARAH DIYANA & NUR FAZLINA.

Celebrating NEW YEAR at Mutiara Damansara with Hasanah. Dress bought at Scarlet. MCKY shoe bought at Cineleisure.

At Les Copaque(that brought us Upin & Ipin) company. This is Yna & Kuwe.

Punjabi shirt bought at Kamdar, corduroy pants bought at seed(big sis hands down)

Purple shirt bought at Trg

that is my brother's car (=

Ashraf Sinclair! really2 major HOTNESS.

At Laudry, when lunch at the curve with Hasanah wearing GAP long sleeve, high-waisted skirt from p&co sandal from PDI(but i go stolen, fuck bitch!)

cap bought at uptown, orange dress from forever 21, shoe from vincci, mng slim fit jeans.

zaza's bday. wearing my diy singlet, mng black long sleeves, mng slim fit jeans

aiyak sleepin eh? at Intec Uitm Shah Alam for Art Talk. pink cheong sam bought at reject shop at kids department (=

at One Utama hush puppies long sleeves.

This is Sayf Ad-Deen Ghazi. my precious nephew!!! i miss HIM sooo much!

party funky glass

me & maryam (my best friend)

koreans come visits us at malacca

wearing I love KL tshirt. it is short n a bit funny for me cause im tall (=

yna, ME and aida. my best friends at uitm Malacca.

hye al. this is my first ever blog. i decided to write this blog after reading my friend's blogs from all over the world. i want to share my feelings my thoughts and everything here. but i really dun like to type. i rather write on paper with pen. so this will be my diary. i'll write what i did today. n what i wear today! hehee. im a student. part6 graphic n digital media at Uitm Malacca. my diploma show will b at 8th n 9th may 08. just a week away. i got lots of thing to be done. i really cant sleep at night. i dun know why. i really cant wake up every morning. oh god help me. how to wake up early? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so i think that s all for now. ill write more later tonight maybe. this is some of my wearing over this sem :)


jeruel said...

good luck. we seem to be taking the same baby steps.

Ziepurple said...

oh really? TQ TQ. gud luck to you too :) where r u at?