this is me n hasanah(my lil sis)

my High School Survey!
Who was your best friend?
= maryam(always not forgetting), lela kila mcd shima sheikh mat pogi zeni :)

What sports did you play?
= i played netball in primary school. i dun palay sport in high school but i was in the school BAND (=

It's Friday night, where were you?
= bru blik from bundle keh keh (=

Ever skip school?
= always in form 4. ape nk jd HAH?

Ever smoke?
= x kemana

Were you a nerd?
= not at all! haha. im glamorous! kui3. lwk nye aku.

Did you get suspended/expelled?
= im not that bad

Who was your favorite teacher?
= haaa...never had one.

Favorite class?
= art & english (=

What was your schools full name?

If you could go back and do it over,
would you?
= yes! i miss my school and all my friends.

Where did you go most often for lunch?
= kantin eating ayam halia the best ever food in school!

Have you gained weight since then?
= yes! im FAt now. urghhh. i want my school weight!

Who did you date?
= amir long & sheikh Mohamad hafiz :)

Were you involved in any organizations
or clubs?
= school bands smart marching school band

Who was your big crush in high school?
=sheikh mohamad hafiz

Would you say you've changed a lot
since highschool?
= yes really am. ohoho...i was so carefree in high school. . .

What do you miss the Most about it?
= i want my friends! i want to stayback. i want to laugh loud!

Your worst memory of HS?
= none! i love everything about my high school!!!

Did you own a cell phone in highschool?
= yes at form 4. thanks to my big sis sabrina.

Were you always late to class?
= at form4. in form 5 i was very excited to go to school because a had a boyfriend that time. n he is sheikh mohamad hafiz. n he is so cute. i miss the old him. when he bought me abd everyday after school. n send me home walking together after school. oh soooo romantic. monkey loves eh?

When it comes time for the reunion
will you be there?
= of courseeeeeeeeee. . .when this will happen? all of my friends asked me to organize the gathering. nazima jom la bwat gathering. but no one make the action. just talk talk talk. kekee. maybe next raya people? (=

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