I really2 love Kataryzna. She is sweet and never had into that high school drama in Antm cycle 10! I lover her face. I thought she is will win this cycle but unfortunately she's out! urghhh so sad. So now i hope Anya win! Anya is my second favorite contestant. Second place should be Fatima because of her face. That's it. I don't adore Fatima that much because of her attitude. She is very beautiful and she is so scared that people will bullied her(because she is from Somalia and so skinny) maybe that's why she is being so bitchy with everyone. The other 2 contestant is Dominique and Whitney. This two very beautiful people with no good manners. This two really love to have cat fight. Everything will be the reason to fight. But i guess this is reality tv with big editing. They want this show to be very2 interesting to watch. So they have to add a bit of drama. That is why people love to watch this show. hehe. But anyway I really2 love ANTM from cycle 1. I remember watching it when I'm in secondary school. In cycle 1 my favorite is Elyse. The most skinny of them all with short hair. For cycle 2 I love Yoanna cycle I'm majorly in love with YAYA(I watched the movie she's in that dance movie i cant remember the tittle)!!!! For cycle 4 i love Naima. Cycle 5 = Nik!!! i like to stare at her face! She is the no1 in my list. hehe. Cycle 6 = I love the twinssssss I adore Michelle more! cycle 7 I don't like anyone. keh3! cycle 8 = Jael maybe because of her goffy attitude! And for cycle 9 I adore Saleisha herself. She is so cute! With that short do arghhh I want that hair too! But. . .hmmm (= Sorry people if the order is wrong!~

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