02 May o8

Red selendang from Terengganu. Polka Dot dress from Kuantan. Pink corduroy from TZ Factory sandal from Kelantan and cardigan from Sg Wang.

Today i woke up late again. But today is major late and it is 2 pm! oh no NAzima! wake up dear. you only have 1 week left! rock your botty out. Then you can rock & roll! You can make your tee and sell them. So Nazima tomorrow you have to work hard! Don't you jealous with everyone else? In the evening i went to library to print my Corporate Manual. After this i'll go to library again to print my cd cover. I have so many things to be done now. Just now after printing Yati ask me to join her and Sakinah n Ataw to alor gajah. So we went to Huan Yo to buy some mounting board for our Diploma Show. I sms Yna to join us and she said yes. Btw today is Aimy's birthday. Happy birthday Aimy! muah muah! Sorry for the ridiculous pic because im using my hp cam. My canon cam is with Baboo doing our group assignment for 3D. Tomorrow Yati want to bring us to the beach! mandi3. yeay. So wait for my story tomorrow. KEKE.

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mrym said...

ssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppperrrrrr HOT!!