Vincci open toe heels, MNG skinny, MNG shirt, White belt (maryam's hand me down), Vincci handbag, black scarf (maryam's hand me down)

This 3 batik is for my assignment. Final sem assignment. I'm doing a campaign for Noor Arfa Batik. Love it? TQ TQ. I don't use normal photography for this campaign instead I did illustration. This will attract teenagers. My target is teenagers around 15-30. Nowadays they all really like to buy brands from oversea. So why not support our own brand made in Malaysia. Who will help us if not people from our own beloved country. Btw, batik is our national symbol, remember that. :)

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mrym said...

hot to the max!
best best besttt..
salute lah illustration kau nazima ;)
yeah!do sokong malaysian Batik.