I'm back.


Its been a week since my last post. Ive been busy with my diploma show. At last i've finished it. No more staring at my computer doing vector, rendering 3D. I have enough of that. I'm not really interested with graphic design actually. I just get back home at Tmn Tun just now at 5 pm. Drive from Uitm Malacca with Ruby. I want to send her back home but she is confuse the way back to her house. Funny. Yeah. KL is very full with cars. And i get a bit blur. So i just drove back to my house. Later at night me n Nizang send her back to Cheras. After that I pack out all my stuff to room. I on my pc and INTERNET! yeay. I have lots of picture to share here. From Diploma show to my last overnight with Fa Yna Alena Aimy Puhang Getah Baboo & Bakau. We wanted to watch movie but sadly in Malacca there no midnight movie in weekdays. SORRY GUYS! what to do. So then we decided to go to BADEN BADEN BUNDLE but it was closed also. haiya! Finally we went to McD. We ate and talk and tell funny stories until it was 4.30 am. I had a great laughs! Puhang was really funny as usual. Making faces and all. I'll miss my friends. VERY VERY MUCH. muah muah muah. Before that in the evening we went to Tg Bidara to swim. My diploma show was great too. My assignments has been complements a lots by friends and lecturer. Tq very much all. Thanks for the support. hehe. I also went to watch Speed Racer with fa yna salsa aida n poyo. The movie is very stunning with the effects. That that boy with his monkey was fun to watch! keke. But unfortunately during the show I had to go to the loo because I want to poo! Bengong. hee. Before my diploma show I went back home to take Nizang's car because I have to bring back all my stuff home. He can't fetch me up so I have to bring all my stuff by myself. Luckily I have my friends. I also went to IKEA to buy frame for my Noor Arfa's poster. It was A2 size. At IKEA I saw many cute thing but i have no money. Poor me. I went to IKEA with Yna Sakinah & Ruby. I went to Phobiaklik to buy stuff for Miss Lili Eliana for my Professional Practice assignment. But there are no women stuff there. I just took Don't Panic as a give to her.

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