Im wearing dress from XOXO, black cardigan from Sg Wang, skinny from MNG, sandal from Kelantan. Tonight I'll sending my pc back to my room. So my room have no internet. I wont be able to post until next weekend maybe. I'll missing my blog for sure. keke. This morning woke up at 11 maybe after Aida woke me up. Then straight to library to print my work for Diploma Show this 8 & 9 May at Art Gallery uitm Malacca. Last nigh as usual i can't sleep. I keep thinking about Sheikh Mohamad Hafiz. I miss him so badly! I can't help it anymore. I don't know why. I love him with all my heart. Its my fault after giving my 100% heart to him. I dont care if he is not that wise, he is not that rich, he has many pimples, he is useless! He has soooooo many bad things in his life. But I don't care all that things, But the most important thing that I can't stand is
that he has another new girlfriend everytime! SHIT! Since we dated the first time he already have 6 new girlfriend! THAT"S GREAT right? I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you. But after all in the end I still love him. why? why? why? I really don't have the answer.

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mrym said...

sabar yeah! jgn sedih ;)
i knoe how much u miss him even u hide it from me! sabarrr ok.
nnti one fine day insyallah u will find someone better :)

loves, mrym!