Out with girls

Black Scarf (maryam's hand me down), NEW Little Miss Giggles t bought at The street, MNG skinny, Vincci clogs.

hello. at 5pm just now I went out to Bistro. Anyss want to meet me because on Thursday she'll be leaving to KL. Her class will be starting next week. Ella Apai Zeni was there too. And my ONE & ONLY MARYAM! I hate you. You delete our 'BEST' photo! Sh!t! ops sorry. But i really hate you ok for doing that. HYE Fa if you're reading. keke. You like to read right? I ate Nasi goreng isi ketam with teh peng (ice tea). Maryam paid for me. Thank you. Remember to ask me paying back OK. Next, me Maryam & Anyss went to Watson. She wanted to buy pad. I wanted to buy toothbursh n new face cleanser. We end up buying Clearsil. HOPE this will help me bring back my flawless skin! hahaha. pitty me. boohooo. abeluerrrkkkkk. . .BYEBYE LOVES.

im listening to I'm yours - Jason Marz.

and I love Aizat - Hanya Kau Yang Mampu.


Namaku Fa said...

haha I AM READING THIS! hehe. *fav. blog* kekekek =3

eh! Bestnya can go out with frens. my frens all got class. Org cuti, dia skola. hahaha =D

mrym said...

i miss this!

i love this photos. . :D