WHITNEY wins ANTM Cycle 10!

New hooded sweater from Radioactive.

NEW hat NO BRAND, gap long sleeve, Brands Outlet dress, Fourskin belt, VIncci yellow purse. Roxy love sandal.

new GAP long sleeve, skirt from SEED (salsa's hand me down), yellow purse VINCCI, NEW pink WAYFARE from fourskin, TieRack black n white scarf.

HYE im BACK! back back. . .its been a week since my last post? a week? 4 days actualy. or maybe 3? i miss internet so much! im at TERENGGANU btw. meet mom n ghazi just now. ghazi had a fever. poor thing! meet na no and mie too. last night my bus was at 10. it was a double decker bus. sit next to a guy! urgh im not comfort at all. hate it! but its over. im at home now. at tmn tun the internet was HATING me i guess. i can't connect. don't know why. my bro said it was all over KL. what new about me? now i know how to dowload using bitcomet! hah! and i want to watch HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN. this movie is not in bitcomet. so anyone who have this movie. pls send to me. kekek. but how? btw, GIRLS, WHITNEy win antm. wtf! but it will bring a new meaning of BEAUTIFUL! whatever, everyone is beautiful in their own way right? beautiful is subjective. everyone have an their own opinion. we're in open world baby. open your mind. right now im watching video clips from hum saath saath hain from youtube. the songs i like now are teenage love affair ALICIA KEYS, see you again, MILEY CYRUS. i adore miley now. i adore her voice. "My best freind Lesley said She just being MILEY!" love Estelle feat kanye west too that American Boy song! i want Kanye's shade! Cat the Faboulus cat wore it at Akademi Fantasia Concert last week. where did he bougth it? maybe oversea. i have so many idea to write just now but now i can't remember what to write. RUSMAJIDA asked me to make her a custom made design shirt. ive had the white shirt but the thing is i have no marker with me now. its with ain in kelantan. i already asked ain to post me the marker. hopefully she will send to me asap. MAJID wit ok. ill make your shirt asap and as beautiful it can be baby. what more to write? this friday i'll be going to KL again. for my cousin's wedding at bangi. i already watched Over Her Dead Body. not really a good movie. i also watched Superhero Movie and The Hottie n Nottie.

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mrym said...

wahhh nazima mmg hot lah!
bju GAP best! ;D