Degree In Fashion Design

yeay! I got it got it got it. . .heheheee. . .i have to register on 6th july. from 8.30zm till 4.30 pm. Hope i have great life there at Shah Alam with all my good friends. . .FA jom cri our house soon! ke ke ke. Alhamdulillah. thanks to GOD.

So i'll be back with all the tension, the books, the late sleep, the reading, the english, the IPK and so on so on in student life. I hope I'll be meeting more great people there. Meeting new friends, new lecturer, new environment, new street, new tree, new house, new room, new shoe! ohooo. . .

Oh I'm so excited here.


FaFaFa said...

yayy! yayy!
we're gonna be soooo new in out own studies.
dont leave me alone!
im going for graphic u going for fashion!
good luck sayang!

mrym said...

gud luck! :)
congrats utk zie n fa okeh.

FaFaFa said...

haha thnks maryam :)

A A D said...

You're gonna be d hottest fashion designer one day... next to me, dat is.. .

Huhu.. .

Ziepurple said...

hahahaha aad funny!