wearing : Mom's bag, levi's, chic avenue, fourskin, ISU, vincci.

Went out just now to bundle. I bought something there. I'll show you next time I wear them. . .next week maryam will be going to KL to meet her boyfriend and i will be left alone in terengganu with no friend to go out with. There are some friend but we have no fun like i have with maryam. But btw by that time i'll be busy preparing for degree and ABM and KL Indie Fest. So maryam when will be meeting again? Promise me to come to Shah Alam next sem ok babe? yeah!

Listening to :-
love song - Sara
I kissed a girl - Katy Perry



FaFaFa said...

Oh! Ghazi always look HOT like his aunt :3

Amy Wammy said...

oh! ni eh Ghazi yg ada same kung fu panda toy like me. How cute he is. :D