Beverly Hills and Aad

This is Ghazi's mom. My first sister.

Rainbow on cloud. RM 40.

Today we went to Kemaman. As Edi will be working at Perwaja there. So we all go to his new house nearby there. Went at 3 pm. Arrive back home at 12am. Watched Beverly Hills at 8TV. The fashion in the movie is so now! High-waisted jeans, neon color, belt, big earrings, leggings and the most important thing the WARFARE! So fashion really do recycle. I love the show. My sis Sabrina said she watched it when she was in her form4. That is when I'm in standard 1. wow so tiny! Mini me. HE HE

So now for the sad story, Aad have decide to hibernate for awhile (not continuing his study for degree in fashion design). Oh how i HATE to hear that. Now i have no friend. I have to find new friend to talk, discuss, gossiping, laugh in my new class. I know it's not a big deal but i already capturing in mind that when i study fashion design Aad will be with me. Going to class together, snapping pictures, talking trash about everyone like you said. Oh i really2 am sad and like to cry. Why aad? WHY? iskkkkkkkk. . .So when will we be meeting again? Aiyark. . .junior?


Amy Wammy said...

So,that's what Aad meant by hibernating? No Aad! mari la menuju puncak bersama2! :(

FaFaFa said...

aiyo, i'd told u wammy! hohoho!
hmmm.sabar ye.
u'll catch up good new friends!

eh...the house...kinda far la...
how? =="
our faculty at s.2
and the house at... s.7?


A A D said...

Alaaa kok jie....~ don la
like dat. u make me so
rase b'salaaaahh... .
i've been picturing
all those stuff as well!
but i've got issues.
i really am not fit
for fashion at the moment.

Tp xpe la kn, u'll get
many new frenz for sure la.
Don worry bout dat k..?
i'll come visit u
sometime yeah...~

Amy oh Amy... u all go
on without me la diz
1st sem. Korunk rasmikan
dulu yek...? Huhu.. .
Later sy join kalian sume.

Fa, sec2 and sec7 ain't
dat far frm one another.. .

P/S: sgt t'kejut melihat
namaku d title blog ini.

mrym said...

hahahaa dkpe zie :)
mu kurang dh gossiping leni. .
woahhhh, ke xmo gossip ngan aku je?

QUYA said...

hey babe.
ow can i get dis rainbow shirt u made?
other than getting it frm klue urbanscapes and abm?