Mr Crab

Sarah found this carb at the beach while kayaking then she brought it back home. Maryam the kind one feel pity for the crab so she wanted to send it back to the beach. HEHE. We send it savely home with the family!
I feel very dizzy now thinking about what to do to prepare into University next month. I feel like im not prepared yet. wahhhh. very lazy to do all those things. medical check-up, bills, sign here and there, ic, birth certificate and so on. all those things. abeluerk!
arghhh. . .
so i watched sindarela just now. do zoela have to wear those mini skirt? all actress in malaysia now want to be very sexy. i don't think that is necessary. if she wear long pant she will look more beautiful i guess. by the way people of all ages watch this series. and that include school teenagers. do you want your children or younger sisters to look up at this Zoela and want to wear those mini skirts too. remember that we're muslim. that's all. byebye!


mrym said...
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mrym said...

yeah! totally agree!
even im nott tooooo baik kan.
but at least we dunt have to wear that type of outfit!
it just make me feel like MALAYSIA ni bukan kah majority penduduknya ISLAM?
woahhhh. . i care abt dis issue ok!

plssss laaaa! mengapakah manusia???

Amy Wammy said...

Yes! I really agree with you on this
although I'm really not that religious but I'm still a muslim. :)

A A D said...

alaa wtpe nk jd hipokrit. malays bkn nye sume islamic pon... yg mane dh sesat tu biar lew dorg. kasi byk sket space kt syurga nnt utk org2 yg alim. kan? kan? hahahaks.. .

zie...! jom amek DIPLOMA fashion jom?

FaFaFa said...

amik diploma again, u kidding me? tamak ni Aad! :p

hohoho...keep more space for me in heaven. :) and u. mwah mwah

Ziepurple said...

hahahaa btol gk tu aad! ek ek ek? kui3! WHAT THE FISH amik diploma blk. rugi aja my 3 years. hek3. ala aad why you nk tkut2. si nik erwan resoli and jezmine tu pon x amik diploma fashion whatttt. . .kan fa kan?