Ghazi playing with water this evening. Habis basah lenjun satu badan. Then if his mother try to take him back home he will scream and crying! just because i still want to play. Pitty you baby boy. That's it. It's 7! Time to go in and take bath in home. But the same thing happen after his bath in the bathroom. He scream and cry just because he really love to play with water. Tomorow we'll play with water again ok Ghazi?

Went to Giant later on. I bought MILK magazine from Japan. But I haven't read it yet. Tomorow I will. This is a free advertistment for GIANT! Thank You me!

Gift from Ako Lie and his brothers. They just came back from their umrah. Alhamdullilah! But out of all the gift I love apricot the most! I looked at their pictures it was great. The view I mean. Hope I'll be there one day.

Listening to EVE - Tambourine(i love the video clip)

Sean Kingston - There's Nothing

So MTV ASIA AWARDS 2008 is coming to town! I should post a video presenting the award so that I can get free 2 VIP tickets! Excited here!

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FaFaFa said...

wah, ghazi! dah pandai dia. :)
MILK magazine? WOW! :3
eh, wat video? mtv? huh! :p