sg wang wayfare, vincci purse, the street long dress, voir gladiator, fourskin earrings, tie rack scarf.

Hasanah bought this sweater.

browsing some 2nd hand mag for fashion illustration class.

Its cap.zoo.ed day! at Capsquare. new shopping center open at KL. thanks to shasha for inviting me to this event. hehe. I shop a lot. 1 pants, 1 tube dress, 1 long shirt, 1 belt, 1 rainbow bead bracelet. 3 2nd hand mag. And TEEN VOGUE september issue. hee. im very happy! i'll post all my buys next time i wear it ok. thanks to fa because of all this photo. i didn't bring my camera. i only bring cash n phone in my lil purse. my mind is set only to shop. sale sale. :D


FaFaFa said...

all this places makes me broke!! :(

but i like my stuff. hehe.

Ziepurple said...

yeay lenkali g lg k fa?

FaFaFa said...

zie jahatttttttttt!! :p