Movie & Gladiator. yeay.

Last Friday, i just went to Fashion Design class. I skipped embroidery class becuase mr faizal was too angry last week. so we end up going to movie and watch Susuk. fortunately mr faizal's class was cancelled because he had meeting. thank god! i'll meet him this monday ok.

So now let's talk abput Susuk. for me this movie is FUN. its been years (2006) now at last its been release in 2008! haha. lame nye ape Malayisa ni???? this movie make us fa yna azi bad n me discussing and arguing about the plot, actress and many more. so i guess that good right? it make us think right? aad said he reallt want to watch because Yasmin Ahmad also love this movie what. . .go watch malaysian! go go. support sket. :D most important is this movie is made by indian. bravo!

After movie we went to guardian and this gloss was only rm9.50! so i grab the purple one of course. i've been checking this gloss forever. it was about rm40 the 1st time it was on store. i also bought Instyle august issue (Rihanna on the cover) mag.

B4 going to Susuk. photo ny Fa. Tie rack scarf, Nafnaf long sleeve, forever 21 green dress, the street wide bracelet.

And lastly! after roaming around JJ, we went to Voir bukit raja and Fa saw this gladiator!!! it's a new arrival but 10% less. hmmm. . .? rm39.50. Fa tried but it did not suits her feet. then i tried and walked around the store to think if i want this glad and end up buying it. as always. YEAY! i have my glad! tq tq tq. maybe this could be my present for me this year birthday. hehe. tq me! :D

listening to baby vox world cup song.


FaFaFa said...

SUSUK. iskh. such a confusing movie. Yna even asked me about it last nite. Iskh.
Bulu ayam betul.
kekekek :p

Urgh, tat shoe. Makes me sad only! my feet cacat a bit. not nice, later sakit. :D
(saje nak sedapkan hati) lalalala.

Birthday present? OPS!
Gi Cameron ngan atutututtt... tat's the best present kan? :)

Ziepurple said...

wahh wahhh wahhhhh ntoh2 atututu x g ork? uh sdih dh laaaa. . .