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to new born baby ZUMA Nesta Rock Rosdale. yeay. gwen's new little monster to play with and to hear screaming like shit. well actually these babies are only acting OK. btol serious. just like ghazi crying3. trying so hard to cry just because he wanted something he can't. his is good in acting. AHAH. jht nye ayie Zie ni. ayie means aunty in chinesse. that's what Ghazi called me. hm well for more news on Gwen's new cuddle read here @ here.
OH! i can't wait to see his cute face!
like kingston dh mcm baby girl skang.

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FaFaFa said...

eheheh, mestikiut kan? mcm mama n daddy dia... :3

fa bli HeLLO! ada bradgelina's kids. wwuwu kuit ok. :)