Zac Efron + Gymrama

Negara mne ntah. lupe. but its the best sbb PURPLE! haha

Ukraine (suci putih gitu)

Japan(cool eh?)


CHINA ( the colour should be brighter)

Thanks to Aad. he gave me this pic. hm. . .cute ok.
It's the end of my end 1week mid term break. its very3 short for me. im still not doing my assignments. VERY GOOD NAZIMA! hmm also the tee for zeni is not done yet. why? i keep on9 the whole day. chatting with aad and dayah and salsa. watching tv. play with ghazi. waking up late. aiyoh. so what to do? boring ok? tommorow? i'll be going out MAYBE. hmm with amy, ella and bila. MAYBE. yes its a BIG maybe there. the bus i;ll be going back to shah alam is in the morning. aiyah. itula kesan nye bli tiket lmbt. all tickets were sold out. i thought i didn't want to go back home but last minute there is something actually someone make me come back. but unfortunately it was a missunderstanding. aduhai! i thought he wanted to meet me. as he just coming back to malaysia once a year. i didn't understand him. yes he already has a girlfriend. hm yes its GUY problem ok. not enough with one. gile la wei. gile3. what do you think of us women? some kind of wood you can play around? eh kalu x kawen pon xmati la! i can live without you namely GUYS. you think you are very good? otak pon xda. duet pon xda. apa ja ada? konek je ada. HAHA. isk geram OK. hmm if you onl want to fool around you can just go to hell. or find any pelacur kat myspace pon bnyk. well you already find one right? good for you. i wish you good luck in future. don't ever try to contact me again. i never want to see you again. you will only make me feel very stupid for falling in love with you. worst, meeting you in the first place. why god make me meet this boy. why god make me fall in love with him? why god why? the most regretful thing i make in my life is meeting you. how can you replace me that easily? i can't understand HOW? because i can't easily find another love until now sadly. hmmm everynight i still think about you. everytime im alone i will automaticly thinking about you. why? isk i hate this. hate3. gile babi weh. whatever it is. its the end. like my mom said. maybe god want to give you a better person. i agree with you mom!~ someone better. someone that has bright future. someone very honest. someone kind-hearted. someone that is not smoking. sembahyang 5 waktu. seorang dr keluarga yg baik2, bertanggungjawab. wah! bestnye. kekeke. yg penting 5c= car, cash, creative, condo, and credit card. GITU(tamak nye aku)!!!~ tibe2 je i write about this. if someone know how to forget someone please tell me. its very painful everytime i think about what he had done. hm btw this is not about the boy that make me come back to trg for holiday. the one that only came back to malaysia once a year tu OK je. he did nothing to me pon. saje suke2. HAHAH.

watching gymnastic rhythmic with mom.


Amy Wammy said...

konek je ada. HAHA! way to go. everything that happens ada hikmah. i always believe in that. ;)

FaFaFa said...

haha, yeah laugh out that too. konek je ade. eh? cant understand. nnt crita balik oke? :)

anyway, how to forget ppl eh... tapikan susah lah, kalau org tu kite da syg sgt.. :(
tapi kalau fa senang je, cari org lain. ngwhwhahahahahahha :3

A A D said...

fuyohhh mak hayam sentap! sabo nokk...

urm i've been through a lot and like wut i've mentioned in some of my entry; cherish the memories from your past no matter how bad it was. Because, without it, you won't LEARN anything, you won't be the person you are NOW and you definitely would be stuck with a stupid guy who doesn't even DESERVE you.

So cheer up! Zac Efron kan ade...? Huhuhu.. .

kartika said...

love is blind.
tu ah ade owp ubat boleh lupe??