finger lickin'

Snack plate tukang buke selera. aum aum.

Kurma kurma sedap di rumah hilang dalam perot masuk lubang tandas.

Last Sunday we went out to Tesco. All restaurants was sold out, reserved, long queued so lastly we chose KFC only. The we is me fa yna & bad. aiyark sakit perot. plz plz en tahik. jgn kluar. hmm perot memulas3. aduh duh duh. nowadays im listening to radio station trough my express music. hoho. just now i've save all of the my interest stations available in Malaysia.

and guess what someone called me just now. wonder why? he told 'saje2', 'yeah right, boys?'
what can you expect from them? we talked for about 20 minutes. catching up whats new happen in each life. he told me he wanted to study printing for his degree. 'mencabar katenye'. and what his house at malacca is just rm290. shit! but BEWARE there are ghost! but i don't really believe in ghost. why? because i never have met them face to face. not that i want to. but yes i believe that is all syaitan3. Now Ramadhan all of them is in prison OK. but we still do bad things such as mengumpat? xsembahyang? that's me actually. so renungkan ye adik3. sebenarnye i want to talk more on this topic about this syaitan and sembahyang things but i don't know how to express them out. maybe later. if I'm matured enough. a clue for 'him'= vroom.



FaFaFa said...


patutlah bising2. ingat gayut ngan siapa semalam. pagi2 buta. :p!!!!

A A D said...

i knw who HE is..... lalalala... .


Amy Wammy said...

who's HE?