thought of doing something different today.

scarf : tie rack
blouse : bijou
bag : seed
long sleeve : MNG
wedges : Bijou
corduroy : t'z fac

it's 3.44 am anf tomorow my class will be at 2.00pm. costume history. hm just went to hear some stories from mr wazir. bla bla bla. more 2 weeks untill Aidilfitri holiday. yeay. can't wait. i want to go home trg. i want to hug Ghazi. i wonder what more can he do now? i miss my mummy too. and btw mom, im broke here! :((

i really don't have something very interesting to write like some other fantastic blogger. i wonder where they got all this idea to write and sometimes to merepek and write fiction stories about themselves. and the fiction was really good i really believe them! hoho. sdah tertipu di situ.

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FaFaFa said...

and u took the photos of the stuff with me. hahaha XD