Animal in You.

photo by Maryam.

Turban : Tie Rack.
Belt : A Couple Birds.
Wedges : VISS.
Tote : Gucci.
Tee : DIY.
Skinny : MNG.

Me playing make up & snapping pictures with M.

I went to M's at 5pm. watched Gossip Girl's season 1 finale. HAHA. Chuck chuck chuck I'm in love. Why do i have this feelings with playboy? silly me. whatever. At 7.30pm i went to E's to pick up my new belt. keke. how was it? CANTEK!! clap clap clap. bravo bravo.

when i watched gossip's finale, a number that i did not know text me saying that "i'm on my way to your place". i was like wth screw it maybe its maxis's fault. haha. boohoo maxis. always got the blame. then the number text me again saying that "saya bersame 2 ekor kambing kt luar". and once again i ignore it because Hello people, i'm watching Gossip Girl here. I'm on my date with Chuck here babe? Don't bother me, pls! :D

Then after about 5mins, D called me. D said "hei buke pintu la!" Then i laughed i said why don't you called me first? i have no credit to replied the text earlier. I'm at Maryam's. So the person who text me earlier was R. Mytho woke me up today asking me if I'm free tonight. She wanted to lepak n chill and i said yes. At 8pm I text R to join me, mytho & nono to Mcd. So i ate Mchicken(bla bla bla). we talked, laughed LOUDLY(yeah, as always), and we meet a 'cow' buying beef burger. ahah. Ella & Apai was there too. R & Apai brought their DSLR. So they started to 'play' with them. We girls start posing, do our best pose for the camera. Hei, I'm a TOP model OK? =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) (a very BIG tet!~)

Say HI! to Mytho, Nono, & Ella.

Then R asked me about Zierapah. Then Din petok, Mat Black and me discussed a little bit about business. but I'm not interested because the holiday will meet the end soon. So yada yada yada malas la nk bwat. Do you know the cost of making a laptop, just the raw laptop is only about Rm80? the Rm2000 more is the price of the IDEA. You see? Design, Idea, Sketches and Research is the most important thing in the world baby! think think think people.



mrym said...

M, letopp!
hye Z :)

Nazima said...

har har har :D

Amy Wammy said...

suka 4 gmbr tu no 3.

Nazima said...

uhhh. . .tp bju mcm funny skettt. . .