Bow, Kilts :D


photo by Maryam.

I did some helping today. my friend want to sell all her pre-loved tee. click at I Love Basic down there. I'm in love with this vintage kilt. i also have one but much shorter. the length is very much like Christina Aguilera's VERY MINI skirt if you still remember. but i love her thought. her voice and style. DARING MELETOP ok! :D btw she is better than britney Spears for me. but the ultimate woman in music is GWEN STEFANI! woot3. Dear gwen, please come back! I really3 miss you. She is the my Favorite Fashion DIVA. She rocks. :D

what colour is Zuma's eye actually? I'm in LOVE.

My new DIY, The Purple BOW on my head. made with felt, love, love.



FaFaFa said...

itu hari nak bli BOW kain gmbr IKAN. cute oke. kat sg wang.

erol kata: bwat je la sendrik

Nazima said...

hahahhaaa. . .persoalan nye BILE NK BWAT sendiri? yg ni pon uduh. . .kne cri kain MELETOP!!!~ :D

Amy Wammy said...

zuma matanyaa. O_O

cari la kain d jakel? ahah. skirt tu tak d jual ke. ngehehe

Nazima said...

nk bli ke ammy klu jual skirt tu?

L said...

ohoo. andalah model kat i love basic tu. u make the clothes look nice tau.

Nazima said...

OH TQ. but not all me.


L said...

takpe. u sentiasa top and tip. eh tip top.
btw, nice hair. mine messy. u gune product ape? tp kan, nmpk cm u pkai wig. dok tipu

Nazima said...

kekekee. . .kt SA shampoo i tresemme. . .tp rmbut tu act i bru shmpoo gne sunsilk je!!!~ kekeke


mrym said...

meletop you :D