I want this. but its rm70. i think for now it's a lil expensive. im broke and i need to keep my money for this Christmas and my vacation. haiya cik siti, mcm mana ni? nak nak nak.

Live really need money. i wonder what will i do when i finish my study next 2 and a half years. i hope its FUN and really have a big pay check to full fill all my dreams. but there are still bills to pay, car, house so on so on. . .and one more thing where will i be working? hometown or else? i don't really like to plan nowadays. you know why. if i plan everything in very details it will be a waste of time. everything seems to be out of it. so i just go with flow.

yeay, Ghazi will be home tomorrow. can't wait to see him. he is big now looking at his pictures. he can run now! if his home the house will be full of laughter watching him do silly things like 'kids say the darnest thing'.

do your house have cats that really like to get into your house but the cat is not yours? hm well i know cat have no brain but hello what do you want in my house? there is nothing special for you in here. go out and play or go to other houses. then when you came in you start to scratch the sofa well hello, bnyk ke duit ko nk ganti blik? da la bulu hitam. No, i don't hate you but you really3 annoy me, get out, thank you.

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:D (meletop kan?)

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oh like totally!