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Me & Ella

Yesterday, went out with girlfriends(tet), Maryam, Anyss, Ella & Bila. we ate Mcd(bosannnnnnnnnnnnn) but all place tutup sembelih lembu. Ever heard of paying rm50 to a secondary school girl birthday party? and who is in front of the door collecting the money? the mother. HAHA. konon nye private party la. dancing until 3am, and yeah the mom dance her heart out too. yeah! fun baby. ABELUERKKKK. . .

this is what happen in my neighborhood last monday. good. hebat btol dunia.

last night i also got invitation to a bbq at Soraya Azizah's house. but i didn't make it. i txt her at 11pm to ask if i can go there that time. but she replied sadly, alamak mknn sume abis, ka zi lmbt. ATUT.

never mind. i can't make it early because i am at my grandmom house before that. this that here there tut here tet there. it's been awhile since i last meet Soraya. next time maybe dear?

OH yeah. today morning,
aku cirit birit. best. Maryam too. i think it's the food at Kak G house. i don't mind. biase la, raya kan. it's been awhile since the last time i sit in the toilet for about an hour just to berak.


and yeah! i got presents from Maryam. tq tq tq tq. a pair of vintage earrings. I'm in LOVE.
later I'll show the ear rings. it's red. hope you'll be continuing your study at Shah Alam next semester dear. wink wink.


OMG sob sob sob i lost my memory card for my camera. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . .how am i going to take pictures? the card is very 'cheap' OK. everyday i can buy it 'easily' if i lost it. hah. i hate this. where the hell is that card. please come back to me dear. i need you. pleaseeee. . .pretty please.


Help me god.


Jay said...

hye dear..been reading ur blog lame la jugak...n i alreadi link ur blog to mine..it is ok???

beyoncexx said...

thanks for visiting.
nice blog.
good luck dengan fashion anda.

Jay said...

sll nmpk u kat s.alam...

FaFaFa said...

what the hellll!!!!??
cirit birit and hilang memory card camera??!! =="

cari balik, ingat2!!!! :D


L said...

takde maknanye u xkan pkai that shoes. ;P
kesiaanye ilang memory card.
btw, i pun same cirit birit.

Nazima said...


memory carddddddddddddddddddddd