Now and then.
ONLY IF i am one of them. . hmmm

not worth your rm9

same as I'm not single.


House Bunny. SEXY!

Season5. MELETOP.

Madagascar 2. AIYO. Sakit Perut laughing.

What I've been watching this holiday.

2 more weeks to go before SINGAPORE.
wait for me. :D SHOP SHOP Christmas SALE baby. yeah!~


Gooseberry//Yo said...

now and thennn@?$ where did u get that??
dr kecik la i always wanted to see that movie!!

FaFaFa said...

bynk nye movie baru beli......... :p

jumpa kt spore!!! hahahaha. shopping same!!
cant wait!

Nazima said...

wah gile gle FA. g mse christmas gk ke?

yo, download from youtube je. ngehs. sume kerja my sis la, hasanah.

Adderly Shaharudin said...

nah, madagascar wasn't *that* funny kut ;p

L said...

camne eh nak download?
serious dok gheti

Nazima said...

adderly, OK la tu VERY FUNNY FOR THE VERY BORING ME at home now. tet tet tet

L, sile download realpalyer11 :D

A A D said...

omg u have Now n Then...? mao2...!

Nazima said...

hohohooo. . .tgk kt utube je aad. . .bkn dvd pon

L said...

alahai. download realplayer pun cek tak tau. ha ha