The crews behind the stage. 3 days of tiring people with lots of fun!~

Today, 9th Jan Pak Lah came to Uitm. There is some Tunas Mekar event and BIRDA Fashion Show, but more to batik and songket(google them!) fashion show. The rehearsel starts from last wednesday. I helped at backstage with wardrobe, styling and whatever happens backstage. Unfortunately, I'm not one of the model for this event. But nevermind this backstage crew thing will help colouring my portfolio later on right? By the way, the payment is the same. I got rm96 for working 3 days from 9-5. Dear BAG here i come! I like dressing people up but i like it when Lan make my face. It is perfect for me. the make up i mean. not my face. saye ni cacat. The moral of the story here, I like to dress people up, from zero to HEROIN yg MELETOP!~

New VINCCI+ heels. this is super duper very very CHEAP. tq so much VINCCI+ for giving me the opportunity to have this kind of heels with a STEAL price. :D

NEW handmade Bowtie. Juli called me Minnie Mouse because I looked so cute with it. hoho. that poor 'JULI'. I hope she's not reading my blog. atut.


FaFaFa said...

pity juli, minnie mouse had big huge ears! :P

Nazima said...

kan3? ape la die tu.

juli x suke bce blog kan?