The Show went on in front of Pak Lah's eyes.

Efun, make-up artist assistant

Mok Aye Wani wins Miss World 2009

All together now. Do you see me?

Say Hi! to Aad.

Makeup by Lan.
Shawl : Mecca
Top : Kebaya, Kamdar
Skinny : MNG
Bag : SEED
Peep Toe : Trifted
Earrings : Singapore

Behind the scene. Say Hi! to Qmal.

The mirror shooting. photo by FA.

Bending more and more.

After the show ended and we had our little lunch and 'packed' the backstage a bit I sit at the make up section then suddenly Lan said let's play make-up. i was like OH SURE! ME LIKEY! right? The others watch and learn how to do make-up with high excitement. The tricks and whatsoever from Professor Lan! you don't want to miss that for sure. I only watched Efun do his make-up tricks a little in the morning when he make-up one of the models.

The make-up result is at my new header. Notice them? Fabulous Mr Lan! I hope my hands will be like him one day later. But he had that family blood runs in him. I don't have that, man. But never mind i know i have my own speciality. Such as? Why don't you tell me.




kalu nk mintak juru solek make up kalo ade fotoshoot beliau mahu x? :D

Amy Wammy said...

giler meletop nazima

aah ada make up artist x yg bt bisnes

A A D said...

gle meletz header ko nyah! haha... d 2nd pic luks like angelina jolie, wif d lips n jaw. waahh... hebat weyh!

qila, darl said...

mmg meletop z!chantek.
and my kazen was there too, dia ad dlm pic korang ramai2.it looks fun ;)

Nazima said...

bule je azi n amy. nk no phone die? die msti suke la. die kalu satu hari x makeup tgn die gatal2. keke

aad, wow JOLIE tu babe. . .jgn jeles org lain. . .

kila, oh who is ur cousin? model ke? ke crew? yeah it IS very FUN. . .sbb bnyk ngumpat, gilo.

qila, darl said...

ntah laa model/crew.die blajo kat uitm kat chendering ni. art n design gak(obviously) haha. name dia ili.