Scarf : Donatello
Top : School Uniform
Bow tie : Handmade
Skirt : lama punya dlm almari
Bag : GUCCI, Singapore
Gladiator : VOIR
Accessories : DIVA

New Earring , Rm2 only.

NEW Rollerblade Necklace from OSIXNINE.

Say Hi! to Yuna.
She's great.
That's all.

Say Hi! to Maha, Ameera & Alia.

Ameera is one of my best friend in primary school. It's been how many years since i last met you? I think it's about 6 @ 7? even tough we live just 5 minutes away. Hasanah and Alia are best friend too like forever. They are in the same school since primary. They are all pretty right? benci. LOL! and the best thing is Yuna and Maha is taller than me. tet! That's it Nazima, you are average actually.

Youth 2009 is fun but I don't have enough money to have REAL fun. never mind. better save money for books and arts later on.

I am with this creatures at Youth09. Who got the most expensive pose?



FaFaFa said...


harhar! =3

Jay said...

heheheehh how taller r u erk????maybe kte same tgi la...

Amy Wammy said...

bow tie bt sndri? nk order satu! nk kain zebra. hehe

saya lg average. huahua.

btl2! tak dpt real fun and that is shopping. yep2 save money for books and artsy stuff.

bard kot? goda gitu. haha

Nazima said...

woohoo. BAD mng. . .xle BLA!!!~

hm JAY i'm like 169cm. . .gitu2 laa. u?

Yohana Tawith said...


omg omg
(jelesnya to be exact. haha)

dan aku lagi la terlebih average.

Jay said...

heheheeh betul la i ckp kte same tgi..hehehehe me pun 169cm kot..kot la..haks....sbb da lame xukur...