beads, beads, beads.

Most Favorite! A bag full of beading made in Pakistan.

Handphone bag & a pair of very cute pajamas.

Sejadah for moi boyfriend.

Sejadah for me. so striking ok.

And it can be fold and fit in this cute bag. Easy to bring anywhere.

Key chain with my name carve on it & bag with beads(more beads, beads, beads) I love the shape!

Pearl necklace.

Red& Gold Ring & Henna.

there are more things that my mom gave but the others were made in China. THANK YOU SO MUCH mom & dad! And I don't have to tell about the dates, apricots and etc, you know how much people buy if they went to Madinah&Mekah. they want to give to sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, son, daughter, friends, grandchildren, boss, and the list goes on. Not forgetting the zamzam drink. and oh also a Jubah for Aidilfitri, so I can't show you now, surprise surprise :D
btw, we'll be celebrating Ramadhan this August? Result on 10th June? OMFG. scaryyyyyyyyyy to hell man! help! breath breath breath. . .
moving on: I'm happy that my mom is already in town, but I have to do my internship so I can't be with her 24/7 during my semester break. sad, sad, sad. But all the present she bought heals the wound. huhu. That's all for now, later.

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