Universal Studios Singapore

The Big Ball

Far Far Away.

Lost World.


Shrek & Princess Fiona.



The Mummy,Egypt.

Sci Fi City.

New York!(nyanyi Empire State of Mind sket)

Gempak abis wa cakap lu! keh4. once in a life time opportunity. it's very hot but never mind, it's better than rain. if its raining how to enjoy all the things there. remember to always think positive. sile menabung dari skrang ok adik2. 72 Singapore Dollar and if possible datang masa bukan cuti or jgn masa akhir tahun or christmas holiday or ape2 hari yg rmai gile org free, ok? there are more yes i mean MORE pictures in my facebook.


qmal said...

besh besh..nak g jugak!!!

Nazima said...

yerps, kumpul la duit qmal, ajk bf g sama :D